Auxiliary Material: biological_serum_12

Spectrum with Fit

The spectra viewer shows the processed spectrum (black) and the fit (blue). Details in the spectrum can be examined by zooming in on regions of interest (Press Option or Alt and drag around an area; or use a scroll wheel to zoom the X-axis and press Option or Alt while using a scroll wheel to zoom the Y-axis). More info...
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HMDB IDCompound NameBayesil (µM)Expert (µM)
HMDB00001 1-Methylhistidine64.212.7
HMDB00008 2-Hydroxybutyrate13.818.7
HMDB00042 Acetic acid44.849.4
HMDB00043 Betaine17.714.6
HMDB00060 Acetoacetate0.01.4
HMDB00062 L-Carnitine24.616.7
HMDB00064 Creatine35.442.6
HMDB00094 Citric acid73.361.2
HMDB00097 Choline5.26.6
HMDB00108 Ethanol15.011.0
HMDB00122 D-Glucose3313.33694.6
HMDB00123 Glycine131.3146.8
HMDB00131 Glycerol49.859.4
HMDB00142 Formic acid17.513.5
HMDB00148 L-Glutamic acid48.173.0
HMDB00157 Hypoxanthine8.30.0
HMDB00158 L-Tyrosine35.632.8
HMDB00159 L-Phenylalanine39.840.7
HMDB00161 L-Alanine262.5251.6
HMDB00162 L-Proline130.4113.2
HMDB00167 L-Threonine100.598.3
HMDB00168 L-Asparagine0.00.0
HMDB00172 L-Isoleucine28.137.9
HMDB00177 L-Histidine26.457.2
HMDB00182 Lysine82.481.7
HMDB00187 L-Serine224.7109.0
HMDB00190 L-Lactic acid2499.12815.0
HMDB00191 L-Aspartic acid43.70.0
HMDB00214 Ornithine0.026.4
HMDB00243 Pyruvic acid54.153.0
HMDB00254 Succinic acid1.62.1
HMDB00357 3-Hydroxybutyric acid35.234.0
HMDB00517 L-Arginine51.860.0
HMDB00562 Creatinine34.136.7
HMDB00641 L-Glutamine282.3286.4
HMDB00687 L-Leucine58.359.0
HMDB00691 Malonic acid11.99.6
HMDB00696 L-Methionine10.015.7
HMDB00863 Isopropanol8.86.3
HMDB00883 L-Valine111.0126.3
HMDB00929 L-Tryptophan19.90.0
HMDB01659 Acetone16.114.7
HMDB01873 Isobutyric acid6.16.5
HMDB01875 Methanol78.481.5
HMDB01881 Propylene glycol6.44.5
HMDB04983 Dimethylsulfone4.05.0