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FID File:
Biofluid: Serum (Filtered)
NMR Frequency: 500 MHz
DSS Concentration: 800.0 µM
Fast Profile: No
Date: 2023-09-27 01:06:46 UTC
Runtime: 3 minutes 55 seconds

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HMDB IDCompound NameConcentration (µM)Confidence Score
HMDB00001 1-Methylhistidine61.45
HMDB00008 2-Hydroxybutyrate17.59
HMDB00042 Acetic acid41.610
HMDB00043 Betaine27.310
HMDB00060 Acetoacetate1.58
HMDB00062 L-Carnitine33.89
HMDB00064 Creatine21.87
HMDB00094 Citric acid95.410
HMDB00097 Choline8.010
HMDB00108 Ethanol65.79
HMDB00122 D-Glucose4579.910
HMDB00123 Glycine149.910
HMDB00131 Glycerol48.79
HMDB00142 Formic acid10.39
HMDB00148 L-Glutamic acid114.910
HMDB00157 Hypoxanthine17.110
HMDB00158 L-Tyrosine47.010
HMDB00159 L-Phenylalanine49.610
HMDB00161 L-Alanine396.410
HMDB00162 L-Proline107.710
HMDB00167 L-Threonine136.79
HMDB00168 L-Asparagine0.03
HMDB00172 L-Isoleucine24.97
HMDB00177 L-Histidine23.27
HMDB00182 Lysine90.49
HMDB00187 L-Serine278.44
HMDB00190 L-Lactic acid1748.210
HMDB00191 L-Aspartic acid42.39
HMDB00214 Ornithine0.06
HMDB00243 Pyruvic acid71.38
HMDB00254 Succinic acid3.48
HMDB00294 Urea456.28
HMDB00357 3-Hydroxybutyric acid23.410
HMDB00517 L-Arginine69.96
HMDB00562 Creatinine39.910
HMDB00641 L-Glutamine195.010
HMDB00687 L-Leucine83.810
HMDB00691 Malonic acid9.37
HMDB00696 L-Methionine19.810
HMDB00863 Isopropanol18.310
HMDB00883 L-Valine122.210
HMDB00929 L-Tryptophan12.15
HMDB01659 Acetone9.610
HMDB01873 Isobutyric acid5.410
HMDB01875 Methanol79.610
HMDB01881 Propylene glycol0.010
HMDB04983 Dimethylsulfone2.810